Our LLB Class
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LLB 1st Session Al-habib College



Why this website?
Most of us got their degrees a many years before and returned to education now, In a new decade their must be some thing very attracting which can make a class after class, We always felt that our class fellows must be with us but in country like Pakistan you may not enjoy these kinds of services in last decade and even now, but time has change, I have seen many facebook pages of many classes even matric (SSC) levels. Bu we are in practical and busy life, only some of our class fellows are using internet to connect each other but this is for our next generation than, our children will be happy to watch us online in a student's getup in such an old age (after 2 to 25 years of graduation). We are in Part 2 now  and our exams undergo, and we have a Part 1 in our college, On the behalf and order of our class's representative Mr Anwar I would like to welcome wish part 1st a very goodluck in their travel and exam which is undergo Sahiwal's Traditional Goverment Commerce  College, No one of us helped without appreciating Mehboob Sahib who is student of part Ist in our college and he is almost 60 years of age and studying like a student and proved to be a very positive personality, It would be our hounor when our class fellow Mr Ghulam Farid (53 years old ) will meet with Mr mehboob will designe a new way of study and enjoyment like a pure student. At the end I have claim that our class is the best class in the world including our junior class because we enjoyed studentship in such an old age with children in our homes, it may be easy in europe but not in Pakistan.
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New amendment in PPC 1860 Pakistan

"336-A.   Hurt caused by Corrosive Substance.- Whoever with the intention or knowingly causes or attempts to cause hurt  by means of a corrosive substance or any substance which is deleterious to human body when it is swallowed, inhaled, comes into contact or received into human body or otherwise shall be said to cause hurt by corrosive substances.

Explanation: In this sub-section, unless the context otherwise requires, "corrosive substance" means a substance which may destroy, cause hurt, deface or dismember any organ of the human body and includes every kind of acid, poison, explosive or explosive substance, heating substance, noxious thing, arsenic or any  other chemical which has a corroding effect and which is deleterious to human body.

336-B.     Punishment for Hurt by Corrosive Substance.- Whoever causes hurt by corrosive substance shall be punished with imprisonment for life or imprisonment of either description which shall not be less than fourteen years and a minimum fine of one million rupees.

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